Meeting Minutes of September 2019

AVAD 19-9

Minutes of September 16, 2019


Arkansas Valley Ambulance District Board Meeting, September 16, 2019
Attendance: Nicole Lewis, Tom Kainz, Andra Dalton, Dave Van Nattan,  Dave Craft 

Meeting called to order at 1610


  • Minutes were presented from the August meeting. It was motioned to accept the minutes, vote 4/0.
  • Craft (Topper) was approved by the Board to become the fifth member of the current Board. 4/0
  • Treasures report was then presented.
    • Year to date we have received $172,030.10. Medical expenses for the month was $4188.281, maintenance expense $701.66, new tires $464.66. Available balance is $103,381.82.
    • CRS a CPA firm has figured a budget for next year of $206,146.
    • Mark recommended some possible changes in our billing. They included 1) show up fee (no), 2) abuse of show up (yes), we consider having flexibility in billing such as transporting (yes) or just a band aid (no). Some red flags to consider on all runs is conversation concerning attorneys, lawsuits, refusal of service.
    • A motion was made to accept financial report, seconded, voted 5/0.
  • CRS will be taking over our monthly task. We need to have a list of transaction and statements. Cost is $1000 upfront and $500 per month. Andra made a motion, Tom seconded vote 5/0. We will do this on a month to month basis so we can evaluate its performance. Tom will monitor and make sure we do get the best bank for its buck. He will create a manual to guide us in expenses, reimbursements, etc.
  • Budget calendar for Oct and Nov meeting, this is a must do! Board members please review and be prepared to discuss. Look over budget, question entries, and review. 
  • Nicole will post our meeting resolutions for 2019. 
  • Andra discussed covering Cotopaxi football schedule. 
  • Coaldale expansion update, no further progress with Coaldale Community Center. Nicole will contact Julia for more information. 
  • The volunteer fair we attended was well accepted by all organization, but had only one person show up. Fair will be held again in the spring with an associated event. 
  • EMT classes: we have two enrolled in Pueblo and transportation has become a problem. Both students drive together but the cost of gasoline is too much. Discussion followed and reasonable mileage rate for two students were discussed. Reimbursement needs to be made. Andra will discuss with students. A motion was made to allow Andra to resolve this in a reasonable manner. Voted 5/0 
  • EMT class is also scheduled in Jan with a possible ten in attendance. Colo Mtn College is full. Our classes will be on Tue, Thurs, Sat evening. We need to start now with a “word of mouth” campaign to recruit students. 
  • Uniforms
    • Andra had a report on different options, jumpsuit, tops, bottoms, Hugh reflective material, matching uniforms. Some of the companies she is dealing with is Gibson and Barns and Falls distributors, The Vest Guy. She will contact companies and ask to provide samples. Topper made a motion to set aside funds up to $1000 per volunteer (10 presently), Dave seconded, vote 5/0. 
  • Ambulance Director Notes
    • Mark updated on grants. EMS provider grant (50%) needs to be ready with input by Feb 15 deadline. Reviewed in April and May, awarded in June.
    • Emergency Vehicle Lights and Sirens for POV.
    • Hospital Behavioral Patients (Vista medical, 4 hours average, usually 2 day notice).
    • State EMS Conference in early Nov. We do need to send the Ambulance Director.
    • EMT continuing education units are given and Fremont EMS council will pay for 3 to attend at a group rate.
      • Suggested attendees should be Michele, Sarah, Mark, Andra. 

Meeting adjourned, next meeting October 21.

    Meeting Minutes of August 2019

    AVAD 19-8

    Minutes of August 19, 2019


    Arkansas Valley Ambulance District Board Meeting, August 19, 2019
    Attendance: Nicole Lewis, Tom Kainz, Andra Dalton, Dave Van Nattan.

    Nicole Lewis, Andra Dalton, Tom Kainz, Dave Van Nattan. Guest Dave Craft

    Present at meeting Nicole Lewis, Andra Dalton, Tom Kainz, Dave Van Nattan. Guest Dave Craft, Jim Lemermeier. 

    • Meeting called to order at 1824.
    • Minutes were presented, Andra moved to accept, Tom seconded, voted 4/0
    • Treasures report given.
      • Largest expense this month was the purchase of Med1 for $10K. Next expected expense is tires.
      • To date our total balance received from the county is $164,880.83. Our current balance is $110,574.37.
    • It was motioned by Andra to purchase emergency lights for Mark Rowland’s POV at a cost of not greater than $450. seconded by Dave, voted 4/0.
    • Nicole has contacted a CPA firm, contact name is Sue Blair who has 33 years of experience. No formal contract has been reached, yet Nicole is talking about our needs with them, ie bookkeeping, accounting, budget, compliance issues for officers of AVAD.
    • SDA has extended a scholarship to AVAD board members to attend upcoming conference in Keystone on Sept 18-20.
    • Uniforms were discussed and will be researched by Dave to give options, price points etc.
    • Upcoming events is accessed evaluation report, Sue and Tom will look into this.
      • A volunteer fair is being held at Howard Hall on Sept 8. We will provide information and handouts at that event.
    • Sept 1 we will need to move our units out of HVFD building for their annual Labor Day Breakfast, on Sept 2 we will need to return units into building.
    • Dave is trying to meet with Coaldale Community Center for a location for A2.
    • Legal, A1 title and Bill of Sale will be finalized with the county on Aug 20 by Nicole.
    • Board position was discussed. We have two people interested, Dave Craft and Kim ?
    • AVAD EMT class possibly will start in January. We have a possible 7 students.
    • We discussed possible rotation of volunteers, meals and housing for volunteers who are from out of town.
    • Billing Medicare, Business Options will be billing for AVAD.
    • Ambulance Directors report.
      • Jim has had the front end on A1 aligned and front tires done. A motion was made to purchase new tires for A2, giving Jim the okay to move forward on this, sending bill to Tom, motioned by Dave, seconded by Andra voted 4/0.
    • A2 has received a sample power-cot for our inspection, it has been installed on a trial basis, saving the old cot for future use.
    • Nicole will check with CPA if as a District we can be tax exempt on purchases.
    • We will have some business cards made for board members.

    Meeting adjourned at 2015, next meeting Sept 16, 2019.

    Minutes submitted by Dave Van Nattan

      Meeting Minutes of July 2019

      AVAD 19-7

      Minutes of July 15, 2019


      Arkansas Valley Ambulance District Board Meeting, July 15, 2019
      Attendance: Nicole Lewis, Tom Kainz, Andra Dalton, Dave Van Nattan.

      Meeting was called to order at 1810 

      • Minutes from last month we presented. Andra made motion, seconded by Tom to accept minutes, voted 4/0. 
      • A Financial report was made by Tom.
        • Notable expenses totaled $495 to Business Options and $480 for Detailing/waxing. Current balances are $158,289.62 (combined).
        • Available funds are $93,983.16.
        • Our grant was approved covering $90,000 for new Life PAC, radios, and cot assist. 
        • Motioned to accept by Dave, seconded by Andra, vote 4/0 in favor.
      • Nicole is still working on a CPA. Nicole suggested we form some sub committees to cover areas of concern, review information and report back to board with recommendations. Policies and procedures, CPA firm is the first committee. Andra motioned, seconded by Dave, that a sub committee be formed using Nicole and Andra as leads. Vote taken 4/0 confirming setup of committee. 
      • Up coming events are noted.
        • On July 22 there will be a EMT information meeting. Andra will look into cost of their class vs our own. AVAD will promote both events. Colorado Mountain College requires English Credits for class.
          •  Time is set for 6 pm for EMT event.
        • Driver training will be given on July 23 starting at 6 pm. 
      • The open position on the Board was discussed. No one has shown interest as of yet. Nicole is working on a solution to maybe have the deadline moved a little. 
      • Road signs on Highway 50 indicating AVAD District starting place on both the East side and West side. TOD signs maybe used instead, Nicole will contact to get results. 
      • EMT class members are in the process of taking test. 
      • Uniforms, jumpsuits, safety vest, and Highway vest were discussed. Dave will do some research on these plus go bags. 
      • Billing to Medicare thru Business Options was approved June 25. We are able to back bill for a period of 90 days. 
      • Ambulance Director report unavailable due to absence. 
      • Grants information. We should be getting our grant money in Sept. Stryker Equipment made an offer for us to try out their cot to decide if we will go with their equipment at a future date. We are looking into other equipment also. Computer update is important, prices range from tablets at $400 to Surface pros at $700. Obtaining life pacs, radios are in the planning stage. Their is also a need for a larger metal cabinet. 
      • New keys for both units will be made and placed at approved locations. A/C has Ben fixed on A1, A2 has had the rear spring replaced and is now scheduled for new tires and an alignment. 
      • A location in Coaldale is still being looked for. 
      • SDA has sent two comics of their 2019 Manuel. Copies are available online at, tab to resources. 

      Meeting was adjourned. 

      Minutes submitted by Dave Van Nattan