Meeting Minutes of May 2021

 AVAD 21-05


Minutes of May 17th, 2021


Attendees: Nicole Lewis, Andra Dalton, Tom Kainz, David Craft, Dave Van Nattan, guest Mark Rowland, Kevin Hultzapple, Tara Seal, Scotty Horton.


Meeting called to order at 1806 hours. 

Minutes were presented, reviewed with no correction. Motion to accept by David, seconded by Andra, voted to accept 5/0. 

Treasures report presented by Tom. Reviewed by Board, no question or corrections, motion to accept by Dave, seconded by David, voted to accept 5/0. Only outstanding bills to be paid shortly are radio expenses to Motorola for $12,646 and to Stryker for $14,354. 

Our guest are here to discuss our upcoming land purchase. Many general items were discussed, ie land access to 86 Hamilton Creek, utilities etc. The future owners of 86 Hamilton Creek wanted AVAD to know they are totally willing to work jointly with us in obtaining a substation. Dave informed everyone that a survey is pending subject to surveyors schedule. Upon completion of discussion our guest departed. Board will move forward with land deal for AVAD’s best interest. 

Admin Assistant: Andra has been in contact with Josh and Byron who might have some interested parties in filling that vacancy. We are looking at hiring an Administrative Assistant for a 20-40 hours position with a pay level of approx $15.00 an hour. In Chaffee County PRN’s work approx 24 hours a week.

 AED’s are in, these are the Grant items. David will take pictures of each to record serial numbers, models etc. Nicole is working on policies.

 Monthly trading schedule. Andra shared the dates with the Board. Meetings will be held the second Tuesday of each month, June 8, July 13, Aug 10….etc. Reminder that for volunteers, volunteer must attend 90% of these meetings for financial rewards.

 Nicole indicated that she would like for AVAD to spearhead a summer Volunteer Appreciation Community Event”. The community could meet and greet all the local volunteers that service the entire valley. The community’s chance to meet the EMTs, the drivers, the firefighters, and the the members of other groups throughout the community. Not just the ones mentioned but also other groups like the Historical Society, the cemetery volunteers, and the list can go on. Target date at this time is July 17.

 Outstanding client accounts were discussed. Currently we have 8 accounts, each between $110-$3400, that have had their final notice sent. These bills are from 2019 and total $9375. All accounts have been reviewed. If turned over to collections they are subject to a 60% fee. The Board discussed these bills and are leaning to write them off. Nicole will check with CRS and ask what legal problems this might cause.

 Ambulance Directors Report: The radios went to Colo Spgs today for programing. Mark then asked for guidance concerning our stand on what he referred to as B S calls, are we able to refuse these calls? Liability is one main concern. If we determine it as a bogus call and it wasn’t, all sorts of things could result. The Board feels that all calls should be answered. Repeat calls that show a pattern of abuse can be handled differently. The client needs to know they are being tracked on their calls, at some point they will be charged for each call. Abuse cases include, but are not limited to, “can you come check my blood pressure”, “can you tell me what’s wrong with me so I don’t have to go to the doctor”, etc.

No further word on the Rescue vehicle.

F.Y.I…..Dear Mountain license is expired yet they are still running. The county is aware of this. Not sure of what if any action the county will take.


Meeting adjourned at 2037 hours. 

Respectfully submitted

Dave Van Nattan















    Meeting Minutes of April 2021

     AVAD 21-04


    Minutes of April 19th, 2021


    Attendees: Nicole Lewis, Tom Kainz, David Craft, David Van Nattan, guest Mark Rowland, Kenny Owens, Dan Victoria. Andra Dolton absent due to work schedule.


    Meeting was called to order at 1800 by Nicole.


    Minutes were presented, no correction. Motion to accept by David, seconded by Tom, vote 4/0 carried.


    Treasures Report: report presented and reviewed by BOD. See attached report. Motion to accept made by David, seconded by Dave, voted carried 4/0.


    Discussion with Dan Victoria concerning property on CR45, Coaldale. Some of the topics discussed were current status of land (1.3 acres), possible set back issues, Board of Zoning possible adjustment, a flood plain study. Some positive take always were this being a community project. The county sounds like it is willing to help make this happen by giving us guidance and input. They will supply us with help in finding consultants, engineers and surveyors. Communications with CDOT, police, fire and necessary letters involved. And help with the 10 page Site Development Plan. There is a survey on record at the county offices which might help. Cost of the land is $4K. Some possible problems that will need to be addressed are flood plain, size of lot, the creek, well permit, setbacks, size of building and what we want to have in place inside the building.


    Administration Assistant: Noah is leaving this month and planning to return in the fall. Andra is working on getting a replacement from Chaffee County.

    Mark will be issuing a check from AVA some time this week to Howard Fire, the balance of AVA funds as they close down completely.


    AED were ordered, 10 purchased thru a Grant, and 10 purchased by AVAD for the Community Placement Program. Jump bags are still in the planning stage.


    AVAD’s Volunteer Appreciation BBQ is being planned for July or August. We do need to model COVID safety for this event. The 4th wave is happening throughout the country.


    Review of the new six hour shifts took place. Currently it is too soon to judge if it is working better then the old system. We still do need a bigger core of volunteers. 

    Travel brochure is still a work in progress, hope to see that started soon. 

    There will be an EMT class in Salida starting in August. 

    Policies covering the new AED should be completed by the time we receive the AEDs. 

    Outstanding bad debt, currently 12, were reviewed by Nicole with the following stats….75% are in for collection (approx $2,000 each), 3 billing are of patients with circumstances beyond their control. 

    A date was set on meeting at the land on CR 45 so Board Members could see what we are dealing with. 

    Ambulance Directors Report: Radios are in Pueblo with Radio Tech and will be there approx 10 days. Cost $4-500. That is the end of our Grant items. The next Grant cycle will open Dec 15, so let’s be ready.

    A2 will be moving to Coaldale (Mark’s home) for the summer.

    Ambulance Licensing meeting is next Tue to be attended by Andra and Nicole.

    Dear Mountain: the Ambulance Directors position is if a situation warrants, AVAD is willing to help the patient in the Dear Mountain Area, as long as we are covered in our own District. We DO need to bill for all calls we make in the Dear Mountain Area.

    Licenses are being reviewed this month by the County.

    Motor vehicle accidents are going to increase due to summer activity in our valley. It is imperative that PCR’s are completed as soon as possible to insure payment from insurances. Our rates are consistent with other districts. EMT education needs a review on filling out PCRs, billing from the narrative and the check boxes. 

    Lane texted Nicole who shared with the Board…a Rapid Response vehicle is available thru Oak Creek District. Cost is $4K, 140K miles some body work needs done. Mark recommended we purchase this vehicle for the cases when we need to go to a remote area and do not want to take an ambulance. Dave motioned, David seconded, for Lane to make Oak Creek an offer of $3500 as is, with authorization to extend that offer to $3800 if needed. Vote carried 4/0. 

    No public comment.


    Meeting adjourned at 2037 hours.


    Respectfully submitted

    Dave Van Nattan