I’m currently in the process of reorganizing our meeting minutes into individual pages based upon the year. Bear with me for a few days while I get this done – Tom (8/13/21)

Meeting Minutes of May 2021

Upcoming Coaldale land purchase, Admin Assistant Position, AED’s, Monthly Training Schedule, Volunteer Appreciation Community Event, Ambulance Director’s report and more.

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Meeting Minutes of April 2021

Discussion on Coaldale property purchase for new Coaldale station, new admin assistant to replace Noah, AED’s ordered, AVAD’s volunteer appreciation barbeque, review of new shift scheduling, travel brochure, Salida EMT class starts in August, new AED policies, outstanding debt, Ambulance director’s report, rapid response vehicle.

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Meeting Minutes of March 2021

Prepping ambulances for new licensing, Upcoming volunteer training, COVID vaccinations, Fall EMT training, Volunteer shift changes, Travel volunteer ‘brochure’, Policy and risk management update, Billing and Medicare expenses, Coaldale land update, Ambulance director report, RamRod (AVA) Dissolution Update.

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