Monthly Financial Reports – 2021

Monthly financial reports represent financial activity for a given calendar month. The county tax receipts received during a given month represent the prior month’s earnings. This is because the county taxes are generally disbursed on or around the 10th of the following month.  For example, January’s taxes are not disbursed until February 10th which means they will be part of February’s financial reports which get reviewed at March’s board meeting.

Financial Report – December 2021

Our December tax receipts contained disbursements for the month of November in the amount of $3,741. Monthly income included $178 from patient billing receipts. Total income, year to date – $263,318, which is 105% of the projected annual budget.

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Financial Report – November 2021

MONTHLY TAX DISBURSEMENT: Our November tax receipts contained disbursements for the month of October in the amount of $ 3,673. We have received 8 payments stemming from patient billing totaling $3,602.63.

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Financial Report – May 2021

April’s tax disbursement ($ 67,472.32), Patient billing income ($ 1,275.96), Notable expenses ($ 12,646.32 – Grant Purchase (Radios) $ 13,950.00 – Grant Purchase (AED Units)),

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Financial Report – April 2021

March’s Tax revenue ($ 15,509.68), Patient billing receipts ($1,150.34), Notable expenses ($ 1,936 – Medical Supplies , $ 1,027 – District Mgmt & acctg.), End of Month balances (4/31: $ 312,463.)

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Financial Report – March 2021

February’s tax disbursement ($ 57,548.17), Patient billing income ($1,740.73), End of the month (3/31) balances ($ 312,463), $7,195 received as partial reimbursement of last years grant.

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