Monthly Financial Reports – 2020

Monthly financial reports represent financial activity for a given calendar month. The county tax receipts received during a given month represent the prior month’s earnings. This is because the county taxes are generally disbursed on or around the 10th of the following month.  For example, January’s taxes are not disbursed until February 10th which means they will be part of February’s financial reports which get reviewed at March’s board meeting.

Please Note….. I’m in the process of migrating older financial reports to their own page (by year)…. bear with me for a few days!  Tom

Financial Report – April 2020

Our April disbursement of $ 56,585.56 contained disbursements for the month of March. Patient billing receipts for the month totaled $ 2,136.56. Notable expenses were for volunteer recognition rewards, CRS fees for monthly financial documentation preparation, annual election filings, annual 1099 processing and research, district financial advice.

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Financial Report – March 2020

The March 10th tax receipts (for February) totaled $ 19,111.08. We have received three payments stemming from patient billing totaling $1,765.01. 2020 CDPHE grant reimbursement has been completed and received for $78,224.08. Major expenses for the month included Volunteer recognition awards

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Financial Report – February 2020

(Please note: The financial report for February has not yet been officially approved by the board due to the cancellation of our March meeting over COVID-19 concerns)

Tax income represents funds disbursed representing February 2020 in the amount of $57,031.34 (after county treasurer fees of $1,685.08. Major expenses for the month of February include $6,376 for our annual insurance policy, $4,500 for EMT trainer fees, $1458 for mandated child restraints for the cots and $1,706.75 for financial administrative fees.

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Financial Report – January 2020

Income for the month of January was $17,669.73 of which $18,141.00 was from county taxes less the county’s fees of $471.27. Major expenses for the month included $3,100 for ambulance repairs, $2,747 for tuition & books related to EMT training and $1,205 for books for the new EMT classes.

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Meeting Minutes of January 2020

A balance of $52,360 was noted, having paid all bills for year ending December 2019. Bills included the cot loader, LifePak, communication equipment, which we expect approx $70K back from the approved grants. CRS has submitted the required election paperwork to the state, it has been accepted with email confirming. Angela from CRS has been appointed as our election judge for the November election, cutoff date is May 3. Three students currently in EMT class. Uniforms coming.

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